Camshots Html Assignment

HTML & CSS Project #4

Part 1 Scrapbook

Objective: Students will learn how to work with CSS selectors, create styles for lists, create and apply class styles, create link rollover effects, and create a drop cap using a pseudo-element.

Students will help create a web page for Kathy Pridham’s online scrapbooking company.  Use this Scrapbooks Power Point to create the web page.

Download the files in the Scrapbook file to your computer, extract all files and move the Scrapbook folder to My Documents.

Assignment:  Create the 4-Scrapbooking web page.

Part 2 Samples

Objective:  Students will use CSS to position elements, adjust the display, and create a print CSS for a web page.

Download the files in the 4A-Samples to your computer, extract all files and move the files to your Scrapbook folder.

Assignment: Follow the directions in the Samples PowerPoint.

Add your scrapbook folder to your Google Drive and link it to the Google Classroom assignment.

When you have completed the Samples assignment take the CSS Quiz 1

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Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: camhome.htm, child1.jpg-

child3.jpg, childtxt.htm, conlogo.jpg, constyles.css, contest1.png-contest3.

png, contesttxt.htm, fl ower1.jpg-fl ower3.jpg, fl owertxt.htm, modernizr-1.5.js,

photogloss.htm, scenic1.jpg-scenic3.jpg, scenictxt.htm, thirdstip.jpg, thumb1.jpg-

thumb9.jpg, tipweek.htm

Gerry has been working on the CAMshots Web site for a while. During that time, the site

has grown in popularity with amateur photographers. Now he wants to host a monthly

photo contest to highlight the work of his colleagues. Each month Gerry will pick the

three best photos from different photo categories. He's asked for your help in creating the

collection of Web pages highlighting the winning entries. Gerry has already created four

pages. The fi rst page contains information about the photo contest; the remaining three

pages contain the winning entries for child photos, scenic photos, and fl ower photos.

Although Gerry has already entered much of the page content, he needs you to work on

creating the links between and within each page. Figure 2-49 shows a preview of the

photo contest's home page.

CAMshots Contest Winners page



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