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Issue In Health Policy And Management

Introduction The element of well-being is a natural concern for the whole of mankind. It involves the maintenance of a balance, within him or her, with his or her fellow being and with the environment. The integral role of the individual’s health however is of extreme importance. The spectator of health care verses medical care…. View Article

The Texas Medicaid Crisis

A difficult balance of care and financial concerns In recent years, many states are struggling with budgetary difficulties. Entitlement programs, such as Medicaid have come under fire. The rapidly growing cost of the program has made it a conspicuous target for budget cuts. Texas is not exempt from this growing problem. Both rural and urban… View Article

Aging Healthy and Securely

Abstract Every individual reaches prime of life. Inevitably, we can not escape old age, unless a person dies young. The decision of where to live is one of the most challenging ordeals to cope with as one grows old. As the elderly individual grows old, their time on this earth becomes very valuable, thus, they… View Article

Family Witnessed Resusitation

There are several legal and ethical issues relating to FWR. Some of the key legal concerns expressed by healthcare professionals include the potential for litigation, patient confidentiality, and the patient’s right to privacy (Mian et al, 2007; Critchell et al, 2007). Litigation and liability concerns arise from the fact that, in most cases, family members… View Article

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The News Article is about the new Health Law; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in March 2010. Also included in the Act are individual mandate requirements, expansion of public programs, health insurance exchanges, changes to private insurance, employer requirements and cost and coverage estimates. Unfortunately some citizens of the… View Article

Contemporary Healthcare Specific Management and Leadership Practice

If there is one word which describes the American health care environment during the last decade, that word is change. Professionals joining the health care industry during the 1990s will find little resemblance to the work environment their predecessors found a mere 10 years earlier. Physical therapy practice during the 1960s and 1970s was largely… View Article

Pediatric Healthcare Disparities

Disparities in healthcare of children are complex problem that is associated with the disparities that exist in healthcare systems. These inequalities in the access to health care include the following factors: race and ethnicity, insurance status, education, English language proficiency, and poverty(Sobo, 2006). The aforementioned factors affect access to healthcare and the quality of service… View Article

Barriers to Effective Pain Management

Nurses have a unique role in alleviating the pain experienced by their patients. With their professional knowledge and regular close contacts with patients, they are ideally placed to listen and respond to any concerns. Taking time to assess the individual will allow for the development of a thrusting relationship between the nurse and patient. Accurate… View Article

Poliomyelitis Paper

Poliomyelitis is a viral disease that mainly affects the young children, it is highly infectious that caused by three types of poliovirus which targets the nervous system of the person, it may result to be  abortive poliomyelitis, non- paralytic and paralytic poliomyelitis. There are many  initial symptoms of polio fever (up to 103°F or 39.5°C),… View Article

Ethical Issues Involved in Non-Admittance of Financially Incapable Clients

Running a service-oriented business is never easy. One has to deal with a lot of things and consider a lot of factors in order to manage the business effectively. Policies are always set for the purpose of achieving the goals of the company and at the same time, adhering to the laws of the state… View Article

Ethical Issue Presentation in the Elderly Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Intubate

The persistent use of the DNR/DNI order proves to be very perplexing to health care staffs. Even though ethics committees could help in explanation, and the use of developed orders could further identify the patients’ wishes, patient as well as family education is still crucial to determine what the patient actually desires. As technology progresses,… View Article

Ethical Issue on Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Intubate

In cases of cardiac or respiratory arrest, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals conduct resuscitation, which is a medical procedure meant to restore cardiac function in such cases (The Cleveland Clinic Department of Bioethics, 2005). DNR, or “do not resuscitate” is an order that prohibits resuscitation to individuals who gave the order (The Cleveland Clinic… View Article

Ethical and Legal Systems of Health Care Organizations

Aetna Incorporated, a health care plan company, is one of the American leading companies in diversified benefits of a range of traditional and consumer directed health care insurance services. It includes vast service offerings in health care insurance from mental and behavioral health to long-term care benefits and other health-related care and concerns . (Aetna,… View Article

Health care in America

Healthcare in America is seemingly, chronically an issue of finances. Whether or not the hospital has it or the family of an ill patient has it, it becomes prudent to note that without the country’s currency rubbing the right palms, healthcare becomes an issue, especially for the financially strapped family. Lack of finance equals care-giver… View Article

Vicarious Liability

I.  Case Summary of Pope v. Winter Park Healthcare Group, Ltd The parties in this suit are Preston and Ginger Pope and the Winter Park Healthcare Group Limited.  The spouses Pope filed a medical malpractice suit against Winter Park, Dr. McMahan, and Dr. Wolford.  Plaintiffs claimed that the hospital is vicariously liable for the negligence… View Article

The 25 Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics In Health Care

The core concept in an argumentative essay is for you to convince the reader that your point of view is the right one. In most cases, highly experienced teachers will not mark your argumentative essay based on the content, but they will do so with regard to the convincing manner in which you have presented your work. It is more like law. You do not have to be innocent to win, just present your case properly and you will walk away a free man.

The following are some neat argumentative essay topics that you can consider writing about when you are taking a course concerning health care:

  1. What is melanoma?
  2. Explain how osteoporosis is a hidden condition affecting so many people without their knowledge
  3. A lot of adults today have autism because they never noticed it while they were kids, discuss
  4. Explain the role of learning institutions in dealing with obesity
  5. Heart attacks are more catastrophic in women than men. Discuss
  6. Discuss how meditation helps in improving the power of the mind
  7. Discuss 5 stress relief alternatives that most people are not aware of, or take for granted
  8. Discuss solutions relevant to urinary incontinence as an adult challenge
  9. Explain the benefits of mastectomy
  10. Choose a topic of your choice in birth control, and discuss how effective and ineffective it can be, citing relevant solutions where necessary
  11. Present an argumentative essay on how vasectomy can be a terrible choice for someone’s partner
  12. Menopause is often associated with women. Discuss how men deal with similar issues in life
  13. Argue in favor of or against health insurance
  14. Discuss the role of alternative therapy in dealing with menopause
  15. Explain how homeopathy works, citing challenges and possible solutions to overcoming them
  16. Fast food restaurants are taking too much blame than they should over obesity. Discuss
  17. Explain how fitness programs at work can improve efficiency
  18. Discuss the challenges of weaponizing biology and the immediate effects to humans
  19. Explain some of the disadvantages of an ageing population on health care
  20. Explain how lead poisoning occurs at a domestic level
  21. Malpractice happens all the time in medical institutions. Explain the causes and how this can be prevented
  22. Discuss how noise pollution affects the rest of the body other than the ears
  23. Ease of access to prescription medicine should be discouraged. Discuss
  24. Explain how effective “smoking zones” are
  25. Discuss why and how men get razor bumps while women do not


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