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Essay about The Partner by John Grisham

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The Partner by John Grisham

The Partner is one of John Grisham's best books by far! There was a little more description in The Partner, then in The Firm, but this one had a very slow intro.
The book opened with an anonymous man living in Brazil under an unknown name. Patrick Lanigan, now known as Danilo Silva, was living a normal life, not making a big deal about the ninety million dollars he had stolen from his ex-law firm two years ago. Danilo is wanted by his ex-law firm buddies, his client from whom he stole the money, and from the FBI. The people that want him the most were the men hired by the client that lost the ninety million, and they were the ones he was afraid of. He knew if the FBI found him he’d be busted, but also…show more content…

With out Patrick’s strategy and his lawyer’s skills, he would have remind in jail, awaiting the death penalty. In the end Patrick walks away a free man, with only with debts in lawyer’s frees.

OPINION: The Partner was great because the suspense was high. You keep thinking, "Who are these people Patrick has working for him?" When you find out, you may be disappointed. It's very obvious and it's the usual enemy John writes about. Very stereotypical. But, even if you are not disappointed, that just adds to a great story. You can argue the plot wasn't exactly a deep brainteaser or anything, but it is still enjoyable. However the end was a complete change of diection that really excited me and made me angry with one of the characters at the same time. The plot was good, but the character development kind of got lost in this story. But again, it doesn't matter with this book.

Patrick’s lawyer was the best character, he was the one who basically let him walk free. He was one character who really stood out, he kicked serious butt. He didn’t let the fact that his client was completely guilty of almost everything they accused him of discourage him, and not to mention he was the most hated and the most admired man in the city. Patrick and Eva never told his lawyer the whole story altogether. He had to put it together for himself, which

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Partnership Essay

A Partnership is an organization belonging to two or more people in order to achieve an objective. Partnerships are usually created by drawing up a written document called an Article of Partnership, but one can create a partnership by word of mouth. This written document states the roles and responsibilities of each partner and the course of action they will take if they decide to dissolve the business.

Partnerships unlike public limited companies are liable for any debts owed by the firm; this means that if they are unable to pay off their debts, they may have to liquidate the firm's assets or their own personal assets to cover their debt.

Partnerships have no separate legal entity, therefore in the case of a law suit, the prosecutor sues the partners of the company and not the partnership's firm name, which unlike public limited companies; shareholders have a corporate veil that protects them from lawful action. There are 3 basic forms of a partnership; general partnership, limited partnership and limited liability partnership.

General partnerships are partnerships in which all partners share the liability and responsibility of the firm. General partnerships are formed by agreement by two or more people. By default, profits are shared equally amongst the partners, all though a legal agreement may determine how the profits or losses are to be shared amongst each partner.

A limited partnership is one similar to a general partnership, the only exception is that where there are two or more general partners, a limited partnership may and can have two or more limited partners. It is one where only one individual is required to be a general partner.

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