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Robert E Howard

(Robert Ervin Howard)
(1906 - 1936)

Some of the pulp fiction of the short-lived Texan Robert E. Howard are straightforward Westerns or historical romance; his contribution to the history of fantasy was to realize that setting his stories of ruthless hard men in Atlantis or a mythical age shortly after its fall enabled him to write without the trammels of historical accuracy. His Conan stories feature a young barbarian warrior who carves himself a kingdom and rules with a degree of wisdom and justice; they are notable for their violent energy--in one of the films with Arnold Schwarzeneggar there is a moment when Conan, crucified by an enemy, bites out the throat of a vulture that gets too close too soon, and it is worth pointing out that this, unlike most of the film, is pure unadult erated Howard. Howard's early death--he shot himself when his mother died--meant that pious friends like L Sprague de Camp finished a number of unpublished stories, and then, as with H P Lovecraft, the Howard mythos became something which endlessly newer writers have quarried--Poul Anderson and more recently Robert Jordan.



Almuric (1964)
The Pride of Bear Creek (1966)
The Land of Kane (1970)
Kull the Destroyer (1973)
The People of the Black Circle (1974)
The Lost Valley of Iskander (1974)
The Sowers of the Thunder (1975)
A Witch Shall Be Born (1975)
The Incredible Adventures of Dennis Dorgan (1975)
The Vultures of Whapeton (1975)
Bloodstar (1976)
The Valley of the Worm (1976)
Rogues in the House (1976)
Swords of Shahrazar (1976)
The Savage Sword of Conan (1977)
Marchers of Valhalla (1977)
The Return of Skull-Face (1977)
The Last Ride (1978)
Jewels of Gwahlur (1979)
Mayhem on Bear Creek (1979)
Hawks of Outremer (1979) (with Richard L Tierney)
Lord of the Dead (1981)
Heroes of Bear Creek (1983)
The Last Cat Book (1984)
The Pool of the Black One (1986) (with Hank Jankus)
Road of Azrael (1987)
Post Oaks and Sand Roughs (1989)
Sea Woman (1992)
Eons of the Night (1996)
Trails in Darkness (1996)
Kull: Exile of Atlantis (2006)
A Thunder of Trumpets (2007)



The Sword of Rhiannon / Conan the Conqueror (1953)
Omnibus (1977)



The Garden of Fear (1945)
Skull-Face (1946)
Always Come Evening (poems) (1957)
The Dark Man and Others (1963)
Red Shadows (1968)
Wolfshead (1968)
King Kull (1969)
Singers in the Shadows (poems) (1970)
Echoes from an Iron Harp (poems) (1972)
Pigeons from Hell (1976)
The Second Book of Robert E. Howard (1976)
The Book of Robert E. Howard (1976)
Black Vulmea's Vengeance (1976)
The Iron Man (1976)
Night Images (1976)
Queen of the Black Coast (1978)
Black Canaan (1978)
Kull (1978)
The Complete Marvel Conan the Barbarian, Volume 1 (1979)
The Complete Marvel Conan the Barbarian, Volume 2 (1979)
The Gods of Bal-Sagoth (1979)
Howard Collector (1979)
Black Colossus (1979)
The Ghost Ocean (poems) (1982)
The Dark Barbarian (1984)
The Adventures of Lal Singh (1985)
Cthulhu (1987)
Shadows of Dreams (poems) (1989)
The Conan Chronicles: v. 2 (1990)
The Challenge From Beyond (1990) (with Frank Belknap Long, H P Lovecraft, A Merritt and C L Moore)
Nameless Cults (1993)
Beyond the Borders (1996)
The Essential Conan (1998)
The Ultimate Triumph (1999)
Waterfront Fists (2003)
Far Below and Other Horrors from the Pulps (2003)
Graveyard Rats (2003)
The Complete Action Stories (2003)
Shadow Kingdoms, The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, Volume 1 (2004)
Lord of Samarcand (2005)
The Black Stranger (2005)
Boxing Stories (2005)
The End of the Trail (2005)
The Riot At Bucksnort (2005)
A Gent from Bear Creek and Other Tales (2005)
The Conquering Sword of Conan (2005)
Gates of Empire (2006)
Treasures of Tartary (2006)
The Robert E. Howard Reader (2007) (with Darrell Schweitzer)
The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard (2008)
El Borak and Other Desert Adventures (2010)
The Wildside Book of Fantasy (2012) (with Lin Carter, Paul Di Filippo, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Clive Jackson, Tanith Lee, Fritz Leiber, E Hoffmann Price, Thomas Burnett Swann, Lawrence Watt-Evans and Gene Wolfe)


Graphic Novels

The Phoenix On The Sword (2008)



The Devil in Iron (1976)



Robert E. Howard Bibliography

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Welcome to The Works of Robert E. Howard web page.  The idea behind this page is to make available for the Howard scholar and collector, a list of every story, article, fragment and synopsis written by REH, and where to find them. It is not intended to make judgements about Howard and what he wrote, but merely to list everything. Some additional material is included, such as verse books, books about Howard, etc.  Please feel free to comment on anything you find here.  To reiterate one more time, this site is a work in progress and is not yet complete. 

This is an alphabetical listing of all fiction, non-fiction, synopses, and fragments written by Robert E. Howard.
Each entry lists all appearances of the story from its first up to the most recent. This complete story listing is found under the first published title of the story, although there are a couple of exceptions.  Stories with alternate titles will also appear under the alternate title listing.  Links to the alternate titles are provided. For further information, each source listing is linked back to other lists on the page.
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This is a timeline of events in Howard's publishing career while he was alive or likely involved him before he died. This material is also available on the REHUPA website. Includes history of submittals, rejections, commentary from letters, publishing dates and other relevent material. Published works are linked back to master story list.
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Lists of all the sources for the fiction, non-fiction, synopses and fragments written by Robert E. Howard. The table below contains links to each list's description; each description starts with a link to that list. Each list is then linked to detail descriptions of the individual sources. Some of the lists run 100-200K of text and may take a a short while to load. The main culprits are the "Genre & Character", "Books", "Anthologies","Foreign", "Periodicals" and "Other Pulps." The last five are in the same file and it runs long. 
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Publishers (English) - A listing of the publishers of books by, about, and featuring Robert E. Howard.  This list is being updated to include publishers of anthologies, periodicals, chapbooks, and pulps. Each publisher's listing has the books listed by the copyright year. Further details are available in the individual book listings.

Publishers (Non-English) - A listing of the non-English publishers of books by, about, and featuring Robert E. Howard.  This list is being updated to include publishers of anthologies, periodicals, and pulps. Each publisher's listing has the books listed by the copyright year. Further details are available in the individual book listings.

Books - These are books which are 100% Howard material with a few exceptions. The books provide the greatest concentration of Howard material and take precedence in the listings over the other formats. A cover scan is included for each book. Links are provided to versions of the same or nearly the same books printed by other publishers. Provided information includes a content listing, publication data, artist information and occasional notes of interest. Links are included to sub-lists of the books by format, ie hardcover, softcover, mass market paperback, or chapbook. 
Anthologies - A list of anthologies that contain one or more Howard stories, predominately in book form. Stories listed are linked back to the master story list so other sources can be found. Also included in this section are books about Howard which contain Howard fiction in addition to other material, even if the Howard material is only a small part. 
Periodicals - Lists of periodical type publications which contain one or more Howard pieces. Includes magazines, fanzines, comics, newspapers and some others. Each entry in each periodical is linked back to the master story list. 
Weird Tales - A listing of all the Howard pieces (fiction and verse) that appeared in WEIRD TALES through the anniversary edititions in 1973-74. Howard's volume in WEIRD TALES is such that it merits a separate listing.

Other pulps - Listing of REH's appearances in pulps other than WEIRD TALES. 

Genre & Character - A modifed version of the Price/Marek listing from CROMLECH #3. All characters based in an actual historical setting have been moved to the historical sub-section. A couple of new sections have been added including one listing unpublished works. Each sub-section is divided into two parts; a listing of all stories in that sub-section and a listing of all sources that contain one or more of the previously listed stories. Some verse is included in this list. 
Foreign Language - These are the few foreign editions included in the story list. This is by no means complete and I hope to expand this later. 
Audio - A listing of publishers of audio readings of REH stories and verse.

Video - A listing of publishers of video material about REH and video adaptations of REH stories.

E-Books  - A listing of publishers of ebooks by and/or featuring  REH stories.

By Year - A date listing of all the sources which appear in the list. This is pending and will be completed later.
Verse Collections - A listing of the major REH verse collections.

Letter Collections - A listing of the major collections of REH's letters. 
About REH - Listing of sources that are about Howard or his material. There may be some sources here that are also listed in the fiction lists because of  Howard fiction included in them.

Feature of note:  Pictures of a Herbert Jenkins edition of A Gent from Bear Creek
 All the covers from Howard's WEIRD TALES appearances.

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