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Erica Burman's first degree was in Developmental Psychology with Cognitive Studies, from Sussex University. She came to Manchester to take up an SSRC PhD linked award, graduating in 1990 (with a thesis entitled 'Time, Language and Power in Modern Developmental Psychology'). From September 1986 to March 2013 she taught developmental psychology, educational psychology, psychology of childhood, counselling and psychotherapy, human development, and qualitative and discursive research methods at Manchester Metropolitan University (formerly Manchester Polytechnic), becoming Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies in 1998. She is co-founder (with Ian Parker) of the Discourse Unit (transinstitutional and transdisciplinary centre for the study of the reproduction and transformation of language and subjectivity - www.discourseunit.com), and she co-convenes the Manchester Psychoanalytic Matrix, and the Manchester Feminist Theory Network.

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

Membership of organisations

British Psychological Society - Associate Fellow (member of Developmental, Psychotherapy, Psychology of Women and Sexualities Sections); from 2016 elected Honorary Fellow

(Chair of Psychology of Women Section, 2008-10)

College of Psychoanalysis

Group Analysis North (Full Member)

Institute of Group Analysis (Full Member)

United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP) - accredited

International Society for Theoretical Psychology

Iyengar Yoga Association

Further information

Other Positions

Visiting Professor at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Visiting Professor at Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Visiting Professor at the Instituto de Psicologia, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Visiting Professor at Cibersomosaguas, Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Adjunct Professor (0.2) , Oslo and Akershus Unversity College, Norway

Related information

Professor Lindy Wilbraham

Professor in Psychology

MA (Research Psychology), PhD (UCT)

Email: L.Wilbraham@ru.ac.za

Phone: +27(0)46 603-8815/8500

Registered as a Psychologist (Research) with the Professional Board for Psychology (HPCSA)

Teaching Areas

  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Researching public health and health promotion

Research Interests

  • Critical public health and health systems research
  • Psychosocial aspects of HIV/Aids, particularly related to children, youth and women
  • Households, families, parenting and intergenerational communication
  • Psychological expertise in mass/didactic media, particularly related to parenting and sexualities
  • Narrative, discourse analytic and archival research methodologies
  • Foucauldian discourse theory, subjectivity and power
  • Feminisms, post-colonialisms and gender/race/class intersections

Some recent publications

SAPSE-accredited journal articles

Wilbraham, L. (2008). Parental communication with children about sex in South African HIV/Aids epidemic: Raced, classed and cultural appropriations of Lovelines. African Journal of AIDS Research, 7 (1), 95-109.

Macleod, C., & Wilbraham, L. (2006). Re-deploying Parker, post-colonially. Review essay on ‘Qualitative psychology: An introduction to radical research’ (2005) and ‘Critical discursive psychology’ (2002), by Ian Parker. Psychology in Society, 34, 31-50.

Wilbraham, L. (2005). Formula two – developmental theories and contexts in text-boxes. Review essay on ‘Developmental psychology’, edited by D. Hook, J. Watts & K. Cockcraft (2002). Psychology in Society, 32, 65-80.

Morey, Y., Frith, H., & Wilbraham, L. (2003). Rep/hairing the ‘natural’: Black hair and identity in post-Apartheid South Africa. Psychology of Women Section Review, 5 (2), 12-16.

Yen, J. & Wilbraham, L. (2003a). Discourses of culture and illness in South African mental health care and indigenous healing, Part I: Western psychiatric power. Transcultural Psychiatry, 40(4), 542-561.

Yen, J. & Wilbraham, L. (2003b). Discourses of culture and illness in South African mental health care and indigenous healing, Part II: African mentality. Transcultural Psychiatry, 40(4), 562-584.

Wilbraham, L. (2002). Parents talking with youth about sex and AIDS: some problems with health education materials. AIDS Bulletin, 11 (4, December), 6-9.

Eagar, R. and Wilbraham, L. (1998). Putting it into practice: academic literacy integration in the Psychology 1 programme. Discourse, 9 (1), 1-10.

Wilbraham, L. (1996). Few of us are potential Miss South Africa’s, but...: psychological discourses about women’s bodies in advice columns. South African Journal of Psychology, 26 (3), 162-171.

Wilbraham, L. (1996). Avoiding the ultimate break-up after infidelity: the marketization of counselling and relationship-work for women in a South African advice column. Psychology in Society, 21, 27-48.

Wilbraham, L. (1996). Dear Doctor Delve-in: a feminist analysis of a sex advice column for women. Agenda, 30, 51-65.

Dixon, J., Foster, D., Durrheim, K. and Wilbraham, L. (1994). Discourse and the politics of space in South Africa: a ‘squatter crisis”. Discourse and Society, 5 (3), 277-296.

Book chapters

Wilbraham, L. (in press). Parental communication with youth about sex in HIV/Aids epidemic in South Africa: Gendered, raced, classed and cultural appropriations of western expertise. C. Squire & M. Davis (eds.), HIV/Aids technologies in developed and developing worlds. Palgrave: London.

Wilbraham, L. (2006). Looking at sexual abuse in advice columns (Box 14.8). In M. Terre Blanche, K. Durrheim & D. Painter (Eds.). Research in practice: applied methods for the social sciences, 2nd edition (pp. 341-343). University of Cape Town Press: Cape Town.

Wilbraham, L. (2004). Discursive practice: Analyzing a Lovelines text on sex communication for parents. In D. Hook (Ed.). Critical psychology (p. 487-522). UCT Press: Cape Town.

Wilbraham, L. (1999). What is the risk of the wife getting AIDS?: psychological regimes of body-regulation in talk about HIV/AIDS and monogamy-rules in advice columns. In M. Terre Blanche, K. Bhavnani and D. Hook (Eds.). Body Politics: Power, knowledge and the body in the social sciences (p. 160-171). Histories of the Present Press: Johannesburg.

Wilbraham, L. (1999). Looking at sexual abuse in advice columns (Box 8.7). In M. Terre Blanche and K. Durrheim (Eds.). Research in practice: applied methods for the social sciences (p. 170-171). University of Cape Town Press: Cape Town.

Wilbraham, L. (1997). The psychologization of monogamy in advice columns: surveillance, subjectivity and resistance. In E. Burman, A. Kottler, A. Levett and I. Parker (Eds.). Culture, Power and Difference: discourse analysis in South Africa (p. 65-82). Zed Books: London.

Book reviews

Wilbraham, L. (2007). Research in practice, take two. Book review of ‘Research in practice:Applied methods for the social sciences, 2nd edition’, edited by M. Terre Blanche, K. Durrheim and D. Painter, 2006. Psychology in Society, 35, 94-100.

Wilbraham, L. (2006). What’s beyond qualitative tools? Book review of ‘Finding your way in qualitative research’, by E. Henning (2004). Psychology in Society, 34, 74-8.

Wilbraham, L. (2000). Unbuttoning, appropriation, reconstruction: histories of the past and present. Book review of ‘Negotiating the past: histories of the present’, edited by S. Nuttall and C. Coetzee, 1998. Psychology in Society, 27, 78-81.

Wilbraham, L. (1999). Reading the (not so) loose threads of multifarious stories. Book review of ‘Psychology discourse practice: from regulation to resistance’, by E. Burman et al. (1996). Psychology in Society, 25, 87-91.


Wilbraham, L. & Swartz, S. (2006). Obituary – Remembering Ann Levett, 1936-2006. Psychology in Society, 33, 53.

Wilbraham, L. (2000). Whither or wither TRC? Editorial for Special Issue on the South African Truth and Reconciliation commission. Psychology in Society, 27, 1-5.


Wilbraham, L.A. (2006). Governing mother-child communication about sex in HIV/Aids epidemic: Positioning Lovelines. Unpublished PhD dissertation, Psychology Department, University of Cape Town.

Wilbraham, L.A. (1994). Confession, surveillance and subjectivity: a discourse analytic approach to advice columns. Unpublished Master of Arts dissertation, Psychology Department, University of Cape Town.

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