An Unexpected Occasion Essay

Dear John.

I am so happy ! The most unexpected thing has happened! I'm sure you'll he happy to hear about my good news. Suddenly, overnight I have become an heir. And I have got a job I'd like to do ! You know that I've been on the look-out for a good job now that my studies are over.

Let me tell you the whole thing. You'd be busy guessing and cursing me for talking riddles. Remember my aunt in Sarawak! I have spent my holidays with her a number of times. She has no children of her own and now when I have finished studies, she has written to my father whether I would like to manage one of their rubber plantations and work towards the ownership. My uncle has expressed his desire that I be as their chosen heir.

This arrangement is the best possible that could have been made. It is in keeping with my self-respect and I've a fair chance of proving myself worthy of the trust they have placed in me. Had they informed me of their intentions earlier, I might have grown up to expect too much and might not have made the necessary effort towards equipping myself for a good job. I wonder if I can rise to the occasion. But being with them, I'll be able to learn like any other employee and will be able to work upwards on my own.

As you know, Rahim has already got a good job in the petroleum refinery. So with my elder brother settled, my father's concern was for me. Do you remember the way I used to dream about working on plantations ? I have always longed to have that kind of life but with Dad being an industrialist, there was little possibility, of my ever owning one. This offer is like a dream come true.

I must say I admire the wisdom of my aunt. She has provided me both an incentive and a sense of security. I have to prove myself and yet at the back of my mind I know that I'm striving for my own benefit. She is my father's youngest sister and I have inherited a great deal from her.

Don't you think I'm lucky ? I'm indeed very happy and pleased at the prospect and must offer my thanks giving to the powers above. What about you ? You have been quiet this last month. Do write and let me know what progress you've made in selecting a career.

While writing to you, an idea has just occurred to me. Would you like to come with me to the plantation? If you would. I can write to my aunt and find out. I'm sure she'll have no objection. You can give it a try. If you don't care for the nature of the job or for the surrounding, you'd he free to leave. It would be a nice experience. I find the idea very attractive, perhaps because I'll have you by my side. Do think it over and let me know. I'm planning to leave by the first week of February. There is ample time for you to make your plans and preparations.

The other day I met one of our former teachers, Mr. Tan. He is retiring this year. And as we have had a long association with him, don't you think we all should get together and give him a small reception ?

I am still so thrilled at the idea of becoming independent, of taking up my first job. Its like meeting a challenge. I find it so hard to concentrate on other things! Once I get used to the idea, I should be in a more practical frame of mind. I shall be looking forward to your letter. and if possible a visit.

All the best and see you soon.

Yours sincerely

A Journey With an Unexpected Ending - Original Writing

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A Journey With an Unexpected Ending - Original Writing

It was a bright and early morning when the blazing hot sun shone
through the window and woke Briony up, as she came round from her long
and dreamy sleep. All she wanted was five more minutes but she knew
that she had to get up.

As she arose from her bed on this hot and sunny in the Algarve she
looked at her watch and realised she had not given herself nearly
enough time. She stripped down and jumped down into the shower. As the
lukewarm water pounded down on her body she started to feel awake and
refreshed. She stuck her head in the water and closed her eyes and it
was a wonderful feeling, like she was in a warm waterfall. But the
shouts from her mother upstairs reminded her she was not in a
waterfall and had to get ready for her day ahead.

Briony was only in her bikini when she heard the doorbell go and
picked the first thing that came to mind, a pink strap top and a white
denim skirt. She grabbed a brush and tried to brush through the
straggly hair she had. It was almost dry at this point because of the
heat. She couldn't wait to have the wind in her hair and that rush of
adrenalin she knew she would get going up through the mountains.

As she approached the front door she saw seven faces just sitting
blankly, and guessed they were waiting for her. There was her mother,
her two sisters, two men who worked in the bar where she was on
holiday and the driver of the jeep. She apologised and ran out the
front door to get the best seat.

She reached the outside and immediately the heat attacked her. Like a
sea of heat and a wave crashed over her. She instantly turned around
and went to the fried and snatched an ice cold bottle of water from
the minute fridge as she had an inkling she may possibly need it!

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When she was finally ready she looked up at the vehicle she would be
spending the rest of the day in. it was a four-wheel, ten seater, open
top jeep. As she thought about her day ahead, driving up and down the
mountains on safari, with the wind in her hair and the excitement of
being away from home, she was thrilled and could not wait to get on
the road.

She grabbed hold of the bars up above the jeep and hitched herself up.
She stayed standing and lifted up her bag. She gave a hand for her two
younger sisters to help them up, as they were too small to reach the
bars. When everyone was up she was disappointed to hear that for the
first part of the journey she had to sit down, but she did and they
got on the road.

Their first stop was the firm itself, as they had to meet the other
jeep that was to be travelling with them, this was for safety reasons.
Briony thought this was highly unnecessary, as what could possibly go
wrong? But she went along with it anyway. They also had to meet their
tour guide. He was the driver of the other jeep, but he was the one
who spoke English. He was middle-aged, quite tanned and thinning hair.
They also met two more people who were coming with her on our jeep, an
Irish couple who were getting on a bit in age but Briony thought they
were nice enough, and just wanted to get going, but first they had to
be told where they were going and where they would be stopping and

Finally the guide said that they could get going and there were
cheers, and Briony felt a rush of excitement run through her body and
was glad that the safari was finally happening and couldn't wait to
get to the very top of the mountain.

They were told that when they were on motorways and public roads they
had to stay seated but when they reached to the country roads they had
the choice of standing up. So for the first thirty minutes of the
journey Briony had to stay sitting down, but still had a thrilled
feeling in her stomach. She was enjoying it so much already!

When they finally got to the country roads they were told they could
stand up, and not a moment too soon in Briony's eyes. She felt it was
great, she was going at forty miles per hour with the wind in her face
and running through her hair. They started off in the countryside
where they took their first stop. It was a field full of exotic fruits
such as melons and such. The guide stopped and started to tell the two
groups about the fruits, what they were and how they grew in the
conditions. But Briony was not interested in this and was more
interested in how hot she was getting. She got out her bottle of
water, which was now warm, but it was liquid so she didn't care at
this point.

Once the guide had finished telling them about the fruits they set off
again, further and further up the mountain. The next stop was not at a
field this time, but just simply in the middle of the road. They had
stopped here because on both sides off the road were fig trees. The
guide started to talk about them and Briony could sense that this was
another boring bit of the trip so went off in to a daydream. But awoke
again when she heard the guide say that she could try a fig. She
wasn't too sure but she like fig biscuits so she did. Before the
succulent fig touched her lips she smelt the fragrance of it and
wanted to remember the smell of fresh figs, but that was not the most
significant memory on that day.

The next time they were driving for much longer until they were half
way up the mountain where they stopped at a lake. It was a chance for
them to cool down and Briony jumped at the chance. So she stripped
down to her bright blue bikini and dived straight in. She immediately
felt refreshed and didn't need to spend long in there.

They only had to drive for ten minutes for the next stop, which was
lunch. There was a big feast set out for them with salad for starters
and chicken for main course. With wine and juice for drinks. But
Briony was hungry, but didn't eat much because she wanted to get back
on the road.

After lunch they drove up and down hills very fast until they reached
their next stop which was about tree quarters of the way up. It was a
distillery, a place where they made the wines. They spent a while
there and the adults got to taste the wines, which was disappointing
for Briony as she wanted to taste the drinks too! But the adults
bought a few of the bottles so before they could set off again they
had to strap the bottles in so they wouldn't fall out but they did and
Briony's journey continued.

As they carried on to the top of the mountain, the jeep was getting
faster and faster, and Briony was getting higher and higher. As they
were going over more bumps and hills it was getting more and more
enjoyable and Briony's stomach kept on turning.

When they were at the fasted Briony had ever been in a car, they came
to a corner. It bended to the right and the driver didn't seem to slow
down. As the corner was getting closer and closer the driver wasn't
getting any slower. And as they turned the corner Briony heard the two
barmen saying,

"It's going to go over"

And suddenly the car tipped. It threw everyone out to the side but the
jeep was still moving along the road. Briony felt a strange feeling
rush through her; she didn't know what was happening to her. She was
being dragged along the road when suddenly she felt a huge weight in
top of her. It was painful, but she was in too much shock to feel

When she came round to what was happening she suddenly felt a lot more
pain and it went dark. After which felt like hours to her, she heard
someone who sounded like her mother screaming for help and suddenly
she saw light and felt the weight being lifted off her. She looked up
too see what was happening and saw her mother and the barman lifting
up the jeep. They were screaming at her to get out but she felt like
she couldn't move. But as she looked up again she saw the strain on
her mother and the barman's face and knew they couldn't hold it for
much longer. She knew she couldn't let the jeep fall on top of her
again, and so from somewhere got the strength to move out the way. She
couldn't walk but she crawled as fast as she could. She didn't know
where she got the strength from, probably the same place where her
mother got the strength to lift a jeep! Briony knew she had no choice,
she had to get out otherwise she did not know what would happen.

When she had crawled out she lay on the burning hot ground. She felt
like the floor was on fire it was that hot, not just because of the
weather but because of she had gravel burns on her arm, which was on
the floor. Once she had been on the floor for what felt to her about
an hour already but was only about 5 minutes she really started to
feel the pain. Her arm was burning and she had this severe pain in her
hip. She couldn't cry because she had all dust and gravel in her eyes,
and now she didn't need to she felt like she couldn't open her eyes.

While Briony was lying on the ground she heard heaps of screams and
shouts and a sound of another motor. She suddenly found herself very
frightened as she thought the car would not see her and speed round
the corner just as the jeep did. But her mother reassured her and told
her that it was just the jeep that was with travelling with them. She
felt like she had been on the ground for days before the ambulance
came, but it finally did. But her journey to recovery wasn't over she
still had a lot more to come.

Briony spent the night in hospital being wheeled round on a bed to and
from x-rays and accident and emergency rooms with people talking to
her in another language. She was terrified as her mother got taken
away from her, but this was because she had a broken foot. Briony was
the worst injured, as she had a fractured pelvis front and back, but
she wasn't the only one. The Irish woman broke her leg, but was not
told this until three days later; the Irish man had a broken arm. One
of the barmen had fractured ribs, and one a broken jaw. Her two
sisters had a fractured arm and a deeply cut finger between them. This
was not how Briony had hoped the journey would end.

Briony was in hospital in Portugal for a whole week before she was air
ambulanced home. When she got back to Manchester, she then spent 8
weeks in hospital, and then another 8weeks on crutches. She then had
to learn to walk all over again. This happened in the august, and in
the May of the next year Briony still does not know how to run or can
still not do exercise. This journey was not as she expected, but still
feels very lucky because if the jeep has tipped the other way, who
knows what would have happened.


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