Chemical Engineering Personal Statement 2012 Ford

Assistant Professor

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Postdoctorate, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012-2014
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering with Computational Science & Engineering Option, 2012
M.S.,  Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

B.S.,  Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 2005

Systems biomedicine
Mathematical biology
Multiscale computational modeling
Nonlinear dynamic systems
Pharmaceutical drug delivery
Transport through heterogeneous media
Physiological and pathophysiological systems
Engineering education and STEM outreach

Systems Biomedicine & Pharmaceutics
We are interested in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemical engineering, computational science and engineering, applied mathematics, biomedical science, and pharmaceutical science. Many applications with great societal impact lie within the intersection of these disciplines, such as advanced pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. The central aim of our research program is to develop and utilize innovative process systems engineering approaches to solve clinically-relevant, multiscale problems in medicine and pharmaceutics. Our research combines expertise in process systems engineering with a holistic view of the delivery, distribution, and physiological fate of advanced pharmaceutical drug dosage forms administered to human patients in order to improve human health and engineer better medicines. Additionally, we are interested in problems of transport in heterogeneous materials, which has applications in many fields ranging from tissue engineering to petroleum exploration.


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Chemical Engineering Personal Statement 3

Understanding is precious. With understanding comes the ability to step back from an idea and see how it connects to others, and also to view how it can be applied in the real world. Through my natural curiosity I try to understand fully what I observe and what I am taught, and to see how it links with what I already know. Throughout my A Level course, the connections between the Sciences and Mathematics have become more defined and this unity appeals to me. Studying Chemical Engineering will provide me with the skills to apply my knowledge creatively.

I have found physical chemistry to be a particularly fascinating area of my studies because it allows me to examine closely what goes on in a reaction from a mathematical perspective. I have researched the Born-Haber cycle and different factors that determine the size of lattice energy. It is interesting that this not only links to my work on electric fields in Physics, where knowledge of the forces of attraction between ions is necessary, but that all these factors can be represented by mathematics, using predominantly simple equations that I am already familiar with. I gain great satisfaction when solving problems, which is a positive attribute for a Chemical Engineer.

I like to be tuned into the world around me and I read The Guardian and New Scientist regularly. One article that recently caught my attention was on the topic of carbon nanotubes and more effective ways of producing them. Having researched carbon nanotubes further I find them fascinating because of the numerous potential uses they have across different fields. "Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You" by Marcus Chown ignited my interest in quantum physics and I also found Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" highly engaging because of the way in which he makes a range of complex scientific ideas very accessible.

A recent article in the Economist highlighted the importance of meeting growing energy demands, particularly in China and India. Studying Chemical Engineering would give me the opportunity to contribute to the development of the next generation of "green" technology in order to solve this emerging problem. I am also interested in the design element of the course, as I enjoyed my GCSE in Design Technology and was able to produce coursework to an outstanding standard in this subject.

My creativity led to my involvement in music. At the age of five I took up the violin and I have enriched my musical experience by adopting the viola as a second instrument and joining several musical groups. This includes a Klezmer ensemble that I formed and directed in 2004, for which I received the Francesca Barnes Award for my leadership skills in Music. I find playing in groups very rewarding and ensemble music in particular requires co-operation and teamwork. A good musician, whether leading or participating, should be aware of how each aspect contributes to the piece as a whole. It is the cumulative effect of these elements that I enjoy most.

My weekly twelve hour commitment as a cashier for Waitrose demonstrates my strong work ethic. It is necessary for me to be flexible and professional while demonstrating strong interpersonal skills and to be able to apply these skills broadly. Traits such as these are essential for a career in engineering. The combination of a creative, inquisitive nature and a keen mind for solving problems, have led me to decide that engineering is a field that I am sure I shall succeed in and which suits me exceptionally well.


Universities Applied to:


  • Bath - Offer
  • Nottingham - Offer (ABB) Firm
  • Manchester - Offer
  • Birmingham - Offer
  • Leeds - Offer

Grades Achieved:

  • Chemistry (A2) - A
  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - B

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