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TM129 | TMA 02TMA 02 | Queston 1Par± a.I have identfed ±he Following s±a±emen±s ±o be un±rue.1.Compu±ers ±ha± are ne±worked in a small geographical area are said ±o Form a wide area ne±work.3.In mos± o²ces groups oF over 10 users would usually be Formed in±o workgroups ra±her ±han domains.4.A ne±worked-based frewall is unnecessary iF a hos±-based frewall is used.I Feel ±hey should read like ±he Following.1.Computers that are networked in a small geographical area are said to form alocalarea network.Wide area networks use local area networks that are connected in diferent geographical areas.3.In mos± o²ces groups oF over 10 users would usually be Formed in±o domainsra±her ±han workgroups.When connectng a SOHO wiTh less Than 10 users a workgroup would be used.4.A ne±worked-based frewall is necessaryiF a hos±-based frewall is used.Malicious sofware From removable disks would puT a neTwork aT risk iF ThaT neTwork didn’T have hosT-based sofware ±rewalls (Gibson, 2011).Par± b.Table 1.1 shows which layer number and layer name corresponds wi±h bi±s, packe± and pro±ocol Da±a Uni± (PDU).Layer NumberLayer NameUnit of dataLayer 1Physical LayerBi±sLayer 3Ne±work LayerPacke±Layer 5Session LayerPro±ocol Da±a Uni± (PDU)Layer 6Presen±aton LayerPro±ocol Da±a Uni± (PDU)Layer 7Applicaton LayerPro±ocol Da±a Uni± (PDU)²able 1.1 Par± c.Table 1.2 shows which por± ³TP, Kerebos, SNMP and Telne± pro±ocols use.PortProtocolTCP/UDP20³TPTCP88KerebosTCP161SNMPUDP23Telne±TCPPage 3

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