Koolgames Case Study

Session 20: KoolGames.com Case Study Questions 1. Compete the following SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportuni±es and Threats) analysis for all Fve of the players in the KoolGames.com case. a. KoolGames.com Strengths Weaknesses $1 million backing from VC Weak legal support SigniFcant ini±al sales Loses revenue that could have been generated from their own products Entrepreneurial team with quality computer science skills Di²culty spreading and growing brand name and increasing brand loyalty Lack of control over viral sales from Hot-Damn OpportuniTes ±hreats KoolGames.com products are being sold in more places KoolGames.com will not be recognized for its products Products recognized and becoming well known Copyright/patents may not be viable interna±onally Gaining interna±onal audience R&D cost down the drain if Hot-Damn con±nues to receive credit for products Through some work, can take appropriate measure to make copyrights viable interna±onally If Hot-Damn fails, can essen±ally a³ect KoolGames nega±vely Able to Fle lawsuit against Hot-Damn Damages band image due to piracy and lack of control over selling their products b. Almost Angles Strengths Weaknesses Owns 52% of KoolGames No interna±onal presence or in´uence over how the PRC will handle case Poten±al to extend market overseas SigniFcant amount of lost revenue Solid Fnancial support and backing Unlikely lost revenue will be recovered Generous support for start-ups from patent applica±on to product development funding Cost of hiring lawyers and team for the lawsuit Lack of control over interna±onal market OpportuniTes ±hreats Learning experience, can ±ghten protec±on for future products Huge loss if KoolGames tank and cannot control HotDamn’s IP infringements Can u±lize Hot-Damn’s china knowledge of

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