Tc2 Critical Thinking

Implementing a thinking classroom

With the TC² approach, social aspects of learning are reinforced. Students contribute to, and benefit from, a vibrant community where thinking is a regular part of daily classroom life.

Create opportunities for thinking

TC² helps teachers frame “critical challenges” to engage their students in making reasoned decisions about puzzling or problematic situations embedded in the curriculum content that teachers want their students to learn. Teachers discover that students have an enhanced sense of purpose and renewed excitement about learning when they are invited to think for themselves as they consider plausible alternatives and make meaningful choices based on clear criteria.

TC² print resources and our online Critical Challenges collection contain fully-developed lesson plans in many subject areas. As well, our workshops help prepare teachers to create their own challenges tailored to specific curriculum expectations and student needs.

Build capacity to think

The TC² approach seeks to increase all students competence as thinkers by explicitly teaching powerful “tools” required to effectively think through the challenges they confront in school and beyond. We support teachers in fostering students’ independent use of five kinds of thinking tools:

  • acquiring necessary background information
  • using criteria for judgment
  • understanding thinking vocabulary
  • applying thinking strategies
  • embracing effective habits of mind

TC² resources, such as the online Tools for Thought collection, provide ready-to-use materials to support student thinking and learning by developing their capacity with a wide range of thinking tools.

Provide guidance to inform thinking

TC² values the thinking behind student work as much as we value their final product. For this reason, we support teachers in providing powerful guidance about student performance and thinking using varied approaches:

  • helping students find significant value in assessment
  • creating timely teacher-student exchanges
  • broadening the use of self- and peer-assessment
  • helping students learn to benefit from feedback
  • ensuring that teacher comments advance student learning

Students need to demonstrate their thinking in a variety of ways. With prepared rubrics and curriculum-embedded guidelines, TC² helps teachers use assessment to enhance, not interrupt, student development of competencies and subject matter understanding.

Our framework for developing a thinking classroom focuses on four facets:

Shape the climate to support thinking

TC² supports teachers with practical guidelines for promoting a classroom culture where thinking is nurtured and valued. Classrooms come alive with rich thinking when students work together:

  • within a physical environment conducive to thinking
  • with clear expectations for thinking
  • when established routines support thinking
  • if personal interactions consistently nurture thinking
  • where teachers model the traits of a good thinker

Join us to discover an inspiring framework for supporting engaged learning.

Based on the ideas of The Critical Thinking Consortium’s best-selling publication, Creating Thinking Classrooms, this professional learning session explores inspiring ideas for deepening student learning through effective instructional practices that are grounded in coherent principles.

During this two-hour session, you will:

Discover why thinking needs to be at the heart of 21st century learning
Learn which principles and practices best support pedagogy and student learning
Explore how TC2 professional learning and resources can enrich school and district initiatives
Get exclusive offers on our resources

Register before Nov 23 to ensure your spot (space is limited).
$40 registration fee (inclusive of taxes and fees).
Also includes refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you

When: Friday, Nov 25, 2016
Facilitated by Garfield Gini-Newman

Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm PT
Location: Vancouver School Board
Room 120
1580 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Fee: $40 (including taxes)

Contact information:
Kaye Banez at 778-847-5542

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