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Chapter 5 Essay Introduction The last section of the ISEE is the essay section, where you will be given a writing prompt and required to write a short essay. While a specific prompt will be randomly selected on the actual test, all of the prompts will give you a chance to express something about yourself. This section will also give you the opportunity to show how well you can organize your thoughts and put them on paper. For the actual test, here is a quick breakdown of the Essay section: * 30 minutes allotted time * You must write the essay in ink (blue or black) on two pre-lined pages * You must write the prompt at the top of the first page Tips to Becoming the Master While the essay is one of the more important sections of the ISEE, this section of the guide will be relatively short. You will be given tips and advice on how to approach whatever prompt you are given in addition to how to manage your time most effectively. However, the best way to practice for the Essay section is to do just that - practice. Timing yourself, practice writing essays (some sample prompts will be given at the end of this section) and show them to your tutor and/or parents for feedback. Now to turn to some tips and advice on how to approach each prompt. Given that you have 30 minutes to write the essay, it will be important that manage your time well. To do so, follow these steps:  Organize & plan your thoughts. How are you going to answer the prompt? If the prompt asks you about an important moment in your life, for example, what moment would you pick and why? When deciding how you are going to answer the prompt, a good tip is that whatever you answer may be, make sure you are passionate and excited about it. This will make it easier to write about, and you might find yourself too much to write about in such a short amount of time (a happy problem to have)!  Write down an outline and notes. Once you have figured out what answer you might give to the prompt, write it down in outline form. This will help you organize your essay and to give it some coherency. The best way to sketch out your outline is to start with a thesis sentence.

The prompt is asking you about the most important individual that you have modeled yourself and/or the things you do in some way and their influence on you. This individual does not need to be someone you have actually met, nor does his or her influence have to have had that great of an impact on you. However, role models are usually those individuals who have changed or shaped your life in an effective way. Your choice does not necessarily have to be serious, but you should be serious in making your choice, since the admissions department reads your ISEE Essay. For example, your role model can be a/an:

My most important role model as a child was Batman. Even though he is a fictional person, I have always looked up and admired the good things that he does in the comics, on TV, and in the movies. Growing up, many of my birthday parties were Batman- themed, and I regularly dressed up as Batman for Halloween (including this past Halloween). I would watch the Batman cartoon series over and over again, and I’m sure my parents could even quote several episodes now. Batman is a great role model as he always tries to do the right thing as a person and as a crime-fighter, he is incredibly charitable to those in need, and he has persevered through a very difficult life.

Although I realize that Batman goes above the law with how he fights crime, I know that his heart is in the right place. When Batman lost his parents as a child at the hands of a criminal, he made it his mission to battle crime in Gotham City. Batman utilizes his intelligence and vast wealth to stop criminals such as the Joker at every turn, all the while trying to minimize the damage the criminals cause. For example, Batman thwarted the efforts of Ra’s al Ghul, a man determined to destroy Gotham City. Ra’s al Ghul decided that Gotham City needed to be destroyed because it was too corrupt, but Batman knew that it could be saved. Though Ra’s al Ghul managed to wreak havoc on a portion of Gotham City, Batman was able to stop it from spreading. Batman’s crime- fighting inspires me to stop violence and other destructive actions whenever I can. Once, I saw one of my classmates bullying another in the hall. Without thinking, I got between them and was shoved by the bully in the process. I stood back up and staid between them, and eventually the bully walked away. Thinking about it later, I realized that Batman always puts himself in danger to help others, so why can’t I risk a little injury to do the same? In the end, I felt I had done the right thing.

Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same person, as Batman is Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting alter ego. However, the actions of one are in the same spirit as the other. Bruce Wayne is incredibly wealthy because of his parents’ businesses and investments. Bruce Wayne uses this wealth to help those in need in Gotham City. For example, Bruce Wayne and his family set up the Wayne Foundation Building, which works on several social projects like soup kitchens and funds scientific research. The Thomas Wayne Foundation funds medicine and medical help and manages several free clinics across Gotham City. Along with these two foundations and many others like it, Bruce Wayne, or Batman, seeks to improve the quality of life for everyone in Gotham City. To that end, I am inspired to perform whatever charitable work that I can. Every holiday season, I work in soup kitchens to help those who can’t feed themselves. I regularly participate in food and clothing drives with my church, and I perform community service with Small Steps, an organization that helps underprivileged young people.

Aside from his acts of charity and crime-fighting, Batman has led a very difficult life. Both of his parents were killed one night when he was very young, and he had no other family except Alfred, the family butler. However, Batman made the most of it, and found a father figure in Alfred. He selflessly seeks to help those in need, even though he could not claim any credit for himself. He is a vigilante, you see, since he fights crime without the approval of the police. Batman has to forever remain in the shadows and cannot claim any credit for his actions because he would be locked away for it. Whenever I feel down about how life is treating me, I think of all the hardships that Batman has faced. I realize that I should make the most of the situation, because there are many people who have it worse than I do. I also realize that, like Batman, I should help these people.

All in all, Batman was, and still is, the most important role model to me as a child. He inspires me to stop violence and wrongdoing whenever I can, strive to help as many people as possible, and to overcome hardships with optimistic thinking. Although he is fictional, Batman demonstrates what it really means to be a good person.


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