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Surely, we should consume more organic meals instead of those canned foods or those with induced preservatives. Still, despite the potential risks, global organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration claim the modified foods are safe and moreover there have not been recorded cases of how modified foods influence humans on genetic level.

Opinions vary about resolving the issue of GM foods, which is one of the hottest topics that have risen in society. This topic includes organizations and supporters of the environment and the interests of the public that, in its entirety, reject genetically modified foods. Recent studies on genetically modified foods have raised consumers’ suspicion towards modified foods. Modified foods became a term commonly used describe plants that are synthesized for human and animal consumption using the latest biology and genetic engineering techniques. The purpose of modulating and modifying plants in the laboratory is to promote the desired properties in terms of quality and improving the nutritional value, taste and supply enough food for the people especially in UAE. In addition, genetically modified plants are resistant to environmental factors, diseases and insect pests. Still, since the GMOs pose a real and present danger to UAE and will cause disasters in the future, experts have researched fast ways to slow the effect of the GMOS.

Mainstream food products that are extensively genetically modified and are available in the markets should be checked for their actual safety because of the damage that may pose to public health. Also, it must be sampled continuously and subjected to continuous laboratory testing to assess the potential damage it may cause due to the lack of integrity by the manufacturers. It has been proven that genetic changes to the food material lead to cancer. Consumers are not reassured so far, which obliges them to deal with it because doubts remain and questions will go unanswered. According to Matin Qaim “In spite of these potentials, the development and use of GM crops have aroused significant opposition” (2009). This passage demonstrates that modified products can be genetically damaged, and may appear over the long-term such as mental problems and birth defects.

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Genetically modified food issue is still something that is not reassuring to the uncertainty of the side effects that may result from them and that changes have been made in the basic specifications. Research has not proven side effects or health complications. Producing companies are selling its products that are appealing to the eye though may not be tasty or nutritious. GM foods can increase the number of crops and improve food value and diversity and that this quantitative and qualitative change can lead to health improvements and better life style choices. For example, “USDA data showed that GM crops increase pesticide use by 50 million pounds from 1996 to 2003 in the United States” (Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, 2013, p.4). Besides, some genes used in new food processing did not exist before, thus, it is necessary to evaluate the health effects of new GM food before planting or marketing. Also, “Because HT and insect-resistant Bt crops have already been used for a number of years, numerous micro-level impact studies have been carried out in different countries” (Matin Qaim,2009). However, we do the development of monitoring devices in the long term in order to see its negative effects.

These biotech crops are good for the environment because they can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to grow healthy crops. To reduce the intake of modified foods organic foods should be promoted. For example, one of the best solutions was in UAE, where the Ministry of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates has taken a decision to compel companies and institutions imported food. That falls within the components of genetically modified crops and put a label on the packaging showing that this product is genetically modified and leaves the freedom of the consumer to buy it or reject it. According to A. Wendy Russell “As well as controlling the design of GM technology and markets into which they are introduced, the companies also exert control over the use of the technology, by packaging GM seeds with herbicide, but also through Technology Agreements with farmers who buy proprietary seed” (2008, p.219). In the United States questionnaires on genetically modified foods labels, the majority of consumers said ‘yes’ GMO signs on packaging. Also, these signs should not be misleading or not understandable to consumers.

Genetically Modified Food Speech Essay examples

1369 WordsMay 7th, 20116 Pages

Title: Affects of Genetically Modified Food
Topic: Genetic modified foods
Specific Purpose: To inform about GM foods, the hazards and the reason they should be labeled
Thesis Statement: Today I want to inform about GM foods


Attention Material : How awesome would it be if your pet glowed in the dark? Or your family had a zebra-dog? How about a family dog that could take out the entire neighborhood in one lick? Now how about owning this dairy cow? Looks normal but its not. All these animals have been genetically modified and their genes have been altered. The cow is injected with a growth hormone rBGH to increase it’s milk production, only problem, that hormone has been found to cause different types of cancers as well…show more content…

a. Mothers feed GM soy- nearly all babies died (10% died in control) b. Males developed changed testicle color. c. Infertility when feed GM corn.
2. Other animal studies indicate serious health risk associated with GM foods; fertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regression, changes in major organs and gastroninteitinal region. a. There are more than casual associations between GM foods and adverse health affects b. Confirmed in animal studies-consitancy and association between GM foods and disease
3. Number of autoimmune diseases are enhanced by foreign DNA fragments not fully digested in stomach and intestines a. DNA fragments are abundant in bloodstream. b. Potentially mix with normal DNA.
Transition: Considering these factors about GM foods, let me explain why I think it is so very important that these GM crops be labeled.
III. In other countries, GM crops are almost always labeled but in the U.S. no GM foods are labeled.
A. Unlabeled GM foods can cause serious health problems for those with allergens to it.
1. Most people by a tomato and aren’t worried about their soy allergy but with GM foods and ingredients, soy genes can easily be placed or accidently cross pollunant
2. Many unlabeled GMO’s in our food are causing people to experience allergies they were unaware of- a. It’s possible that they can go into anaphylactic shock. b. DEATH. B. There are no regulated health safety tests.

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