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To leave home or live there is the question students face. A few insights into the pros and cons of both

It’s that time of the year when students are running around with their results, applying to all the possible universities, for their admission. And once that is done, the next thing to be decided is hostel and accommodations.

While for most hostel life spells excitement and the impending freedom brings an oh-so-lovely smile on their face, there are those for whom the anxiety of being away from home and meeting a whole bunch of new people might prove to be scary.

Home care

The day scholars on the other hand, thank their stars that they live with their parents and don’t have to deal with issues such as hostel ragging, bad food, and homesickness but they surely do envy the freedom and independence of their hostel buddies. As Tania, a student of St. Xavier’s says, “I like home only because I’m lazy and won’t have to do work. But I guess staying alone makes you more independent as you have more responsibilities. So I think staying out for at least a year will do you good in the long run.

It’s good to lead a hassle free life with no bills to worry about, feels Suzanne, a day scholar.

If you fall ill, you have your parents right next to you to take care of you, but sometimes you wish that you had the freedom of hostel life. She says when you are forced to do chores such as washing your clothes, making your bed and taking care of your own things, a sense of responsibility and maturity dawns on you that otherwise doesn’t, while you are still living with your folks.

Yohan Mathew, a student of IIT-B says, “Hostel life helps you make completely independent decisions, which is what you will have to end up doing after college, so it’s good training in a safer environment. Plus there is the advantage of meeting all types of people. And, it encourages the student to take part in the intra/inter-hostel activities, since it’s a smaller stage, so there is less embarrassment or shyness. Also, you develop a close relationship with the people you generally hang out with.”

But, despite all the independence and fun and frolic in hostels, it has its downsides.

Prithvi, a hostelite in Bangalore says, “You can get carried away with the freedom as there is no authoritarian figure to enforce discipline.”

Also, there is no check on studies, Yohan adds, and so unless you have discipline, sustained good performance will be very difficult.


At the end of the day, every student whether a day scholar or otherwise feels that hostels definitely should be given a try as it’s a new experience and teaches you something valuable.

While some feel staying in hostel teaches you the value of a friend and of your parents and siblings, some others says it helps you gain your self confidence and lets you learn from your mistakes and gives you an insight to the “real world”.

For students like Mikhail Menezes , hostels are a good place to be since they are so much simpler and provide you with the solitude that one might not find at home.

So don’t fret too much if you are one of those who will join the hostel brigade soon because as Prithvi, who lives in a hostel herself, puts it, if you’ve had a strong foundation at home, hostel life ensures strong wings to take off in life!


More In

There are several advantages of admitting a child in a day school and this article will help parents make up their mind. Some of the benefits of a day school have been highlighted below.


Many day schools offer coeducation facilities and this is an important requirement in terms of today’s world. Interacting with the opposite sex in the early years will enable children to be comfortable in the presence of the opposite sex when they reach a stage where they might have to work alongside them in an official environment. Children who have not had this opportunity might be shy and uncomfortable when they people from the opposite sex in the future. Most day schools encourage children to mingle with the opposite sex from their early years and this builds confidence and helps in exchange of ideas between the sexes over the formative years. This is one of the most important functions performed by a day school. Although there may be a few boarding schools that offer coeducation, day schools clearly outnumber the boarding schools doing this and coeducation in day schools is a much more accepted and existent structure in day schools, especially in India.

Cost Benefit

Day schools are a preferred option as they are much less expensive than a boarding school. Tuition fees in day schools are cheaper. Most good quality day schools are relatively cheaper than boarding schools and this is another reason why parents opt for day schools over boarding schools. Day schools allow parents to admit students in private tuitions of their choice as well, in case their children need extra coaching. Most boarding schools in India have fees that are a bit exorbitant, and unless parents are willing to fund a new experience and style of education for their children, most average Indian parents prefer day schools.


Day schools are a better option for those parents who wish to have close supervision over their children. Day schools enable constant parent-teacher contact and this enables the parents to be able to monitor the progress of their children in terms of both academics and extra curricular activities. This is also an important aspect of a day school.  Parents can provide moral guidance if they are in constant contact with their children and this is possible only if the children at admitted in a day school.

Hectic Life and Convenience

If children are used to the comforts at home, then they might find it difficult to survive in a boarding school. Day schools enable the children to relax a bit more than boarding schools. In a boarding school, students are required to take part in many events and many students find it difficult to deal with this schedule. Parents will be better served to opt for a day school if their children have been brought up in a relaxed atmosphere.


In case of any sickness or injury, parents can be with their children immediately if they are admitted in a day school. Some children require parents to be constantly by their side, especially if something untoward happens.

The choice between a boarding school and a day school lies depends on a variety of factors and especially on the maturity level of the child involved. Whatever decision parents make, it is important for them to stick to it- the kind of schooling a child receives and the experiences there eventually define the personality of the child.

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