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There are several different ways to describe substance abuse. So many people think that substance abuse only pertains to alcoholism. There is several other substances that may cause someone to be diagnosed with substance abuse disorder. Some of those things include: marijuana, alcohol, stimulants(cocaine and amphetamines), Hallucinogens, Inhalants, sedatives, and even nicotine. Even though some people may not see some of these things as things that may become addicting they are. More and more people are becoming addicted to the smallest things such as alcohol. For hundreds and thousands of American citizens alcoholism is become far too common. Alcoholism is a disease that affects many people in the United States today. It not…show more content…

Additionally, like many other drug abusers, alcoholics often drink hoping to "drown' anxious or depressed feelings. Some alcoholics drink to reduce strong inhibitions or guilt about expressing negative feelings.

Social and cultural factors play roles in to establishing drinking patterns and the development of alcoholism. In some cultures, there is conflict between abstaining and accepting the use of alcohol as a way to change moods or to be social, thus making it difficult for some people to develop stable attitudes about and moderate patterns of drinking. Society tends to aid in the development of alcoholism by making alcohol seem glamorous, showing that by drinking, you will become more popular, more glamorous and more worthy of respects from others.

The physical effects of alcoholism are somewhat gruesome. Excessive in take and prolonged use of alcohol can cause serious disturbances in body chemistry
"Many alcoholics exhibit swollen and tender livers. The prolonged use of large amounts of alcoholism without adequate diet may cause serious liver damage, such as cirrhosis of the liver" (McCarthy 505). Alcoholism also causes loss of muscular control.
The condition delirium tremens, known primarily to heavy drinkers, causes hallucinations along with loss of control of muscular functioning. When this condition develops and the alcoholic slows their drinking, withdrawal

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Writing your alcoholism essay

Alcoholism has been an issue or rather a habit that has taken away the normal lives of many and it is a sad situation indeed to see so many not willing to grow out from it, even with all its difficulty. The number of mentioned cases of alcoholism either rises weekly, monthly and even yearly.

We can mention a few tips for you on how to write these alcoholism essays  The below points will just be general, and can only give you an overview of how to do it, as we cannot get to give all the details to you on how to write the essay.

First, begin by introducing your essay

In this case, you wish to talk about alcoholism. It’s a topic often talked about but it is good to mention in your essay introduction something that’s not been too much known about alcoholism, to at least capture your readers’ attention. You need not get into too much detail because what’s important is to let your readers know what you will be taking them through. Be brief at the introduction but very creative ensuring to mention at least one or two things that may be new about alcoholism. That’s the best way to start out on good alcoholism essays.

Secondly, have a body that’s well divided

By division I would mean, you may have a lot of information to give after a thorough research on the subject matter. Alcoholism essays need to have sections like small paragraphs and phrases, that are straight to the point. Being brief but detailed gives your readers that desire to want to read more. There may be certain arguments that may arise from the readers from the facts you get to give, ensure also to provide supporting sources for all of your facts in the alcoholism essays.

The main part may have some reasons for alcoholism to be on the rise and they can be sub divided into small paragraphs as below:

Peer pressure- Most young people have gotten into alcohol consumption because their friends are in it. They realize how much ridicule they get to experience for not being part of the consumers and end up in the group of the consumers even without wanting it.

Depression and stress- Even if it relieves the stressful feelings just for a moment and temporarily, alcohol has been viewed by many as a stress reliever. Most stressed people after consuming it will confess that it gets to take away the intense emotions of depression when they drink alcohol.

Curiosity- We can all agree that alcohol for most times has been highly spoken of, anyone would want to try it out. However, those who have continuously tried it out have ended up at an addiction point they most certainly cannot control.

When writing the alcoholism essays body, consider putting all researched information but not being too detailed. You can also continue to mention the effects and also have them in small paragraphs and short sentences, as the example below:

Brain damage- This could be a long-term effect because too much alcohol consumption results in the malfunctioning of the brain.

Body injuries- When you are an alcoholic, chances are you will often get into accidents and this will result to severe body injuries.

Separated families- A man or woman may get into alcoholism and managing the family becomes quite difficult to do. This has resulted in couples separating and families not having unity.

Death- Alcoholism if not well managed results in death. The fact that it slowly gets to damage body cells and other parts of the body is what may result in death of the alcoholic.

Finally, conclude your essay

While getting to the end of your alcoholism essays, remember how you got to introduce it. The strength at the beginning that enticed your readers to get through to the end should be the same strength as you get to conclude. You can perhaps get to mention a few recommendations on how to grow out of this behavior of alcoholism.

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