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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MathXL offer my students?

With MathXL, your students can:

  • Work through unlimited tutorial exercises correlated to the exercises in their textbook.
  • Receive a personalized study plan to diagnose areas they need to practice.
  • Complete homework assignments and tests online and receive immediate feedback.

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What does MathXL offer me as an instructor?

You can use MathXL to:

  • Create and assign online homework and tests that are automatically graded and tightly correlated to your textbook.
  • Manage your students' results in a powerful online gradebook designed specifically for Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Customize your assignments as much or as little as you like, depending on your syllabus and your students' needs.

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How will using MathXL save me time?

MathXL automatically grades online homework assignments and tracks all student results, so you can spend less time grading and more time teaching. By using MathXL to monitor your students' results, you can quickly assess how individual students -- or the class as a whole -- are progressing with specific topics.

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Can I create my own algorithmic exercises in MathXL?

Yes, you can use the MathXL Exercise Builder available in most MathXL courses to create your own custom algorithmic exercises, and you can include these exercises on homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.

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When does my access to MathXL expire?

Your access to your MathXL course is good for three years.

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How long will students have access to my course?

Student subscriptions to MathXL for Basic Mathematics through Pre-Calculus courses are good for 12 months.

For Calculus, Statistics and other courses that make go through two or more semesters, student subscriptions to MathXL are good for 24 months.

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Do I have to do anything for my students to have access to my MathXL course?

No. Students can register to MathXL, log in, and choose their school, and the textbook used in your course to get started on their own. They can take sample tests and tutorials to do self-paced study. If you decide to create online assignments in MathXL, your students can choose your course in the "Instructor/Course" field, and their work will be tracked in your gradebook.

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What if my students do not have high-speed Internet access at home?

Newer MathXL courses include multimedia (videos, animations, and other helpful learning aids) correlated at the exercise level.

You might recommend to those students that they access the multimedia content for exercises from the school computer lab or library, and then work through quizzes and tutorial exercises from home.

Make sure the computers in any labs where your students will be using MathXL have been set up with the appropriate plug-ins and players.

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What if I don't cover all the chapters in the textbook?

You can easily hide or remove chapters, sections, and other resources you don't plan to use from your MathXL course using the Course Manager. You can restore sections or Chapters if your syllabus changes mid-semester by editing your course coverage.

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Can I hide course content from my students without deleting it from the course?

Yes, you can make course content invisible to your students by editing the course settings in the Course Manager and then changing course coverage.

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Can I administer a proctored test in MathXL over the web?

Yes. You can use MathXL's Test Manager to set a variety of options for online tests, including password protection, time limits, and expiration dates.

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Can I create my own tests for students to take in MathXL?

Yes. Each MathXL course contains sample chapter tests you can modify, or you can create your own tests using an online testbank of items correlated to the exercises in your textbook. You can also upload TestGen tests into your MathXL course.

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Why do I need to install both the TestGen plug-in and the TestGen software?

The TestGen plug-in allows you and your students to view and take TestGen tests; the software lets you create and author them. Students only need to install the plug-in, as they are not creating or authoring TestGen tests.

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Can I export grades from the MathXL gradebook and use them in my spreadsheet program?

Yes. The MathXL gradebook allows you to export the data in a comma separated value (.csv) file format, and you can open the .csv file in a spreadsheet program.

quote The homework system in MathXL is a fantastic way to facilitate student engagement with the course material in a classroom. I have noticed a distinct improvement in my students overall performance on their written exams. The key to success for math students is practice, practice, practice, and MathXL provides that opportunity through algorithmically generated problems with excellent videos, animations, and textbook references.” quote

O. Pauline Chow, Harrisburg Area Community College

Math Products

The Pearson family of math learning products has solutions for all kinds of educational needs.

MathXL® is a powerful online homework, tutorial, and assessment system that accompanies Pearson textbooks in Mathematics and Statistics. With MathXL, instructors can create, edit, and assign online homework and tests using algorithmically generated exercises correlated at the objective level to the textbook. They can also create and assign their own online exercises for added flexibility. All student work is tracked in MathXL’s online grade book. Students can take chapter tests in MathXL and receive personalized study plans based on their test results. The study plan diagnoses weaknesses and links students directly to tutorial exercises for the objectives they need to study and retest. Students can also access supplemental learning aids, such as animations and video clips, directly from selected exercises.

MathXL® Tutorials on CD

This CD-ROM delivers all of MathXL’s algorithmically generated practice exercises in an off-line format. Exercises are correlated at the objective level to the exercises in the textbook, and each exercise is accompanied by an example and a guided solution designed to involve students in the solution process. Selected exercises may also include a video clip to help students visualize concepts. The software provides helpful feedback for incorrect answers and can generate printed summaries of students’ progress. Not available for courses in Calculus and Statistics.

MyMathLab® is a series of text-specific, easily customizable online courses for Pearson textbooks in Mathematics. Powered by CourseCompass™ (Pearson Education’s online teaching and learning environment) and by MathXL (our online homework, tutorial, and assessment system), MyMathLab gives you the tools you need to deliver all or a portion of your course online, whether your students are in a lab setting or working from home.

MyMathLab provides a rich and flexible set of course materials, featuring free-response exercises correlated directly to the textbook that instructors can assign for online homework, quizzes, and tests. These exercises regenerate algorithmically for unlimited practice and mastery, and in homework and practice modes, each exercise is accompanied by an interactive guided solution and sample problem. MyMathLab provides students with additional multimedia resources, such as video lectures, animations, and an eBook, to independently improve their understanding and performance. MyMathLab’s online grade book automatically tracks all student results and gives the instructor control over how to calculate final grades. Because MyMathLab courses are delivered via the CourseCompass online learning platform, instructors also have the ability to customize their course using a variety of course-management tools.

Part of the MyMathLab series, MyStatLab courses include all the great features of MyMathLab, but for Pearson Addison-Wesley and Pearson Prentice Hall textbooks in Statistics. MyStatLab courses use the same technology as MyMathLab courses (the MathXL Player) to display online tutorial exercises that regenerate algorithmically for unlimited practice and mastery. MyStatLab courses also include essay questions that can be assigned for online tests and quizzes. In addition to all the great features of MyMathLab, MyStatLab courses also include Java applets, statistical software, and other resources designed specifically to help students succeed in Statistics.


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