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Wondering how you'll perform on the exam? Take our online CSET Mathematics Practice Tests!

Designed by leading educators based on the CCTC’s exact CSET Mathematics content specifications, our CSET Math Practice Tests are as close to the real thing as you can get.

After you’ve completed a practice exam, your test will be instantly auto-graded. You can then view each question you got right and wrong along with the correct answers. You’ll also receive a complete diagnostic breakdown of the areas you need to review, an immensely valuable tool as you begin the study process.

Best of all, our first CSET Mathematics Practice Test (Version 1) and basic diagnostics are absolutely free!

If you wish to access our second CSET Mathematics Practice Test (Version 2), please enroll in either our Core Plus or Golden Apple CSET Mathematics Online Prep program-- both of these online prep programs include access to an additional practice test, as well as a host of other great features.

NOTE: Candidates seeking a foundational-level math certification need only pass subtests 1 and 2.  

Please watch our CSET Practice Tests Info Video if you'd like to learn more about how to make the most of this free online resource, or select one of the CSET Mathematics subtests listed below to begin your CSET Practice Exam now.

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CSETMathGuru: THE #1 Site for Single Subject Math

Welcome: how to BEST use the Site!

Dear Prospective/Aspiring Teachers:

Greetings! csetmathguru.weebly.com is the ONLY FREE site loaded with a veritable cornucopia of material for the CSET Single Subject Math test! It contains Test-Taking Strategies, Suggested Books, Preparation Resources, Tips & Pointers, Top Concepts / Skills to Master and above all, Practice Qs in Subtests I, II and III that reflect the standard of the CSET most accurately!

I hope that you find this site invaluable in your CSET Math preparation, answering your questions, providing clarifications and allaying apprehensions that prey incessantly upon candidates!

PLEASE bear in mind that it relies upon your generosity and evangelism (!) to flourish - being an 'ordinary' (!) High School Math teacher, I am not in a position to expend any resources to promote this site: it's more a labor of love than a commercial exercise!

So if you find this site useful, PLEASE actively spread the word about it, that others might benefit too! Tell other prospective teachers, faculty members at educational institutions and so on!

And do send me feedback about how useful you found the site, what I can do to improve it, by emailing me at innovationguy@gmail.com.

Otherwise too, if you have a CSET-related Q or a Math Q in general, I'd be delighted to help you!

Here's how to best use the site:

1. Examine all the links on the left panel of the site. If youre an absolute rookie, start with:

What is the CSET? How to become a Math Teacher? 
Getting Started for CSET Math   

2. If you're looking for CSET Sample Questions that I've devised modeled on the actual test, click on the following links:

Order CSET Math Practice Qs 
Problem of the Day 
Have Qs? CALL ME! 
Testimonials and Feedback 
More Testimonials and Feedback   

SUBTEST I: Algebra Practice Questions
Subtest II: Geometry Practice Qs
SUBTEST II: Statistics Practice Questions
SUBTEST III: Calculus & Trigonometry Practice Questions

To obtain a VAST database of 600-800 CSET Practice Questions for EACH Subtest, click on Order CSET Math Practice Qs. These are problems that I've compiled from my experience as a test taker and CSET Single Subject Math instructor at Cal State, San Bernardino.

The CSET Qs on this site are sourced from that collection. I can confidently assert that I 'enjoy' an ~100% success rate amongst candidates that've employed my material extensively and diligently!

3. Candidates frequently correspond with me seeking career-related advice and suggestions for preparing for the CSET. Additionally, they provide feedback about how invaluable they regard this site for their CSET Single Subject Math preparation, and the unqualified success they've experienced with my tutoring or through using my Question Banks with practice questions! Read all about this at Testimonials and Feedback. These reflect the regular concerns and opinions of the archetypical candidate. So do not hesitate to email me about things that roil your minds: I am delighted to be able to help!

4. Feel free to take printouts of any page you like! I recommend this so that you don't have to run to your computer each time to review some material.

I earnestly hope that you emerge successful in your endeavours to tackle the CSET SS Math Subtests! Thanks awfully!

Jay Ramaswamy


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