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If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific details to explain why this invention is needed.

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Topic: If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific ditails and examples to expain why this invention is needed.

People have many dreams. Some of them have already realized; others are still dreams. I have a dream that I can invent nano robots, which are used in the field of medicine. There are many reasons why I have this dream, and based on this limited time, I will explain two important ones. First, nano robots can replace ordinary medicinces and kill harmful bacteria and virus. Second, they can clean all kind of waste of human bodies.

One important reason is that nano robots are so small that they can freely work on orders made by people in human bodies¡¯ blood vessels, such as killing harmful bacteria and virus. For example, if people got cancers, which are fateful diseases that cannot be effectively cured nowsdays, they need not worry because nano robots can kill these virus in their bobies. As a result, people need not eaten a lot of medinces and other remedies no more. Nano robots can do better than ever.

Another important reason is that nano robots can cleanse all wastes and toxins of human bodies. People produce many wastes and toxins in their bodies everyday due to their metabolism. Their wastes and toxins must be cleansed in time, otherwise they are easy to sicken. Unfortunately, it is difficult for people to ger rid of them. However, if we have nano robots, they can do it as we want.

In short, from what I have discussed above, we can understand that nano robots are very helpful to people. Of course, we cannot still make nano robots now, but I believe that nano robots will be invent one day with the development of the science and techology. This is not noly my dream, but also everyone¡¯s dream.

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 13 Jan 2014, 13:49

If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific details to explain why this invention is needed.

If I had enough knowledge I would create a machine, which would fly. I wish it could land very easy on regular parking place for automobiles. It has to have quite small size to prevent problems with parking and moving of others.
Nowadays almost in every city we observe problems with traffic. People wish to overcome spaces faster. Especially it happens when they are going to be late somewhere. I’m sure at this moment they think: “I wish I could fly”. In big cities this problem seems thornier. We often hear on Russian TV about official’s abuse of authority on the roads. They turn on special signal, depart from road rules and overpass big traffics. In Moscow, for example, citizens can stay in car traffics more than 5 hours. I know that a lot of Moscow car drivers try to find something benefit to use inside a car during their journey. They listen to audio books, make calls, and learn languages. This time they could spend with their families, working, entertaining or resting. It’s difficult to fully enjoy the life when you spend more than 5 hours a day driving a car when it’s not your job.
Furthermore, we know, how expensive it for our government to build roads. We spend years constructing one bridge. As an example I would say about my district, which is very close to another. However I can’t move there quickly because of the River. It is on another side. I have to pass through the whole city to reach it.
Besides I suppose it would be cheaper to serve flying machine. You don’t need to change tyres, repair suspension and other attendant details. Of course, there would be other components, which we would have to serve. Given that it would have more powerful motors or helical blades, owners will care about these parts of “mini-helicopter”. Probably the fuel would be some more expensive. Nevertheless this machine has a lot of advantages.
Thus, this new car would make our life a little bit easier. People, who live in big cities, would have opportunity to spend more time studying or traveling with their families. It would help for some businesses to minimize time waste. It would reduce expenditure on building roads, interchanges and bridges. I hope somebody is working on this project at this moment and we will use such cars soon.

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