Bhdf 101 Assignment 2015-16 Kentucky Basketball Schedule

11/09/17- Bylaw 9 Rulings

Recently, the ruling officer for Bylaw 9 handed down sanctions to student-athletes from Lafayette, Frederick Douglass, Scott County, Montgomery County and South Laurel after school administrators proactively self-reported violations to the Associatio...

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07/20/17 – Heat and Humidity Reminders

With temperatures rising across the state, now is a good time to remind all of our school administrators and coaches of the requirements of the Heat Index program. No game, or plan for a game, is worth short-cutting this required procedure that is no...

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12/12/16- Officiate Kentucky Day Information

OFFICIATE KENTUCKY DAY Saturday, July 29 Marriott Downtown - Louisville You are invited to the first-ever, Officiate Kentucky Day! What is Officiate Kentucky Day? Officiate Kentucky Day (OKD) is a one-day gathering of sports and sport act...

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11/28/16 – Basketball Part 2 Test Reminder

The NFHS Basketball Part 2 Test is available online from midnight Eastern Time on November 27 through midnight Eastern Time on December 12. The test will automatically close exactly at that time even if tests are in progress. Login at http://official...

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2016-2017 Official Ball Adoptions

Reminder to school administrators about the primary points of the KHSAA and its ball adoption agreements.In an effort to offset the services and events provided by the KHSAA and eliminate passing on a great deal of additional cost to the membership, ...

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10/06/15- Basketball Rules Clinic Online for 15-16

The mandatory online KHSAA Rules Clinic for the sport of Basketball is now online for all coaches (head and assistant) and licensed officials.HEAD AND ASSISTANT COACHESThe clinic is required for ALL coaches at each school, head or assistant, paid of ...

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03/19/15 – Statement on Passing of Ira Combs

Commissioner Julian Tackett issued the following statement upon the death of Ira Combs- "Ira Combs was a larger than life figure whose regular appearance at the Sweet 16 was a source of personal pride, as was his legendary work with the Joe B. Hall ...

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