Phase Separation Solutions Case Study

Phase Separations Solution (PS2) 2 Case Study: Phase Separations Solutions (PS2) Introduction This paper described the various aspect of the Phase separations solution (PS2). The main objective of this paper is to evaluate circumstance of the PS2. This paper covers the situation in the Chinese market, ownership level, and followed opportunity by the PS2. Indeed, PS2 is the Saskatchewan based firm which is established in 2004 by the Canadian entrepreneurs group. State Environmental Protection Agency of China took interest in PS2 for their Thermal Phase Separation (TPS) technology. Paul Antle became the president and CEO of the PS2 in 2008 PS2 enter in the Chinese market Phase separation solution management group was not new in global markets. The TPS technology is successfully implementing in 14 nations in the worldwide from last 15 years. This technology helps to reduce greenhouse gas. The constant growth of Chinese economy will require innovation in the environmental field. GDP per capita growth of China rise from $220 to $2883. It increased by annual 9 percent from 1980 to 2010. When State Environmental Protection Agency of China gave invitation to PS2 then PS2 CEO Paul Antle decided to visit in China to learn about the Chinese market and build relationships that would beneficial for PS2 to enter in Chinese market. In the 20008, Chinese Beijing Olympics game was not only for showcase its beauty but also shows the Chinese people with new concern on the relationship between environmental protection and economic development. So, they should enter in China market to reducing coal combustion and closing pollution emitting factories. China

Phase Separaton Solutons (PS2): The China Queston Si±uaton Analysis Being a specialist in the cleanup of two waste streams: the remediaTon of soil contaminated with persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and recovering usable oil from industrial sludge using ±hermal Phase SeparaTon (±PS) technology in North America, PS2 a²racted State Environmental ProtecTon Agency of China in early 2008. Strength  World class, internaTonally proven  PS2 management team is familiar with internaTonal markets  No harmful air emissions  Modular design-Easily deployed-Economies of scale-Cost compeTTve (Eg: Avoid ±ransportaTon cost)  Mobile, onsite remedial technology  Reusable, resalable contaminants  Own fuel source generaTon to Fre the system  ³ewer greenhouse gas emissions Weakness  Industry is in immaturity stage  Cost of joint venture is expensive ($ 3 million)  No Guarantee that JV will work  CompeTTve intensity in China Industry-Harder for PS2 to gain permissions to other areas in China Opportunity  High entry barrier  New regulaTons -Deadlines for ending the use and long-term storage PCBs-result in strong demand for PS2’s ±PS technology  Environmental polluTon became big issue in China  Exclusive rights to use the technology in China by MI Drilling ³luids  ±DU is not sustainable, New laws and


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