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The Power Of One: One Person Can Change the World

Dave Brown
W. History per. 7

I believe very firmly that one person can change the world. That one
person may not be able to do a whole lot physically to change the world, but one
person has the power to inspire others to help that person change the world. I
also believe very firmly that one person can set an example for others that may
affect the outcome of any situation.
Just like in a baseball game where one person can hit the winning grand
slam homerun, in life, one person can make the difference. The problem is that
when the odds seem insurmountable, it seems impossible to overcome them and most
people will give up. The true heroes in this world are those who don't give up
in these times when things seem impossible to do.
The other thing I think is very important to note about the power of one
person is that we need to look at what that one person is doing that is making a
difference. One person can make a difference in someone else's life. I have
had, in my life, many people that have made a huge difference. If someone
changes your entire life or your outlook on it, your can definitely testify to
the power of one. I think someone that can reach out to just one person's life
is just as important as someone who can change the lives of millions.
One last thing I think is important to note is that, in recognizing the
power of one person to make a difference, we must also note the contributions of
others to help put that person where they are. A further explanation of this
would be to go back to our other scenario. When, in the last inning, someone
hits a game-winning grand slam homerun, that person is very important. However
it is also important to give credit to those on base or to his coaches who
taught him how to hit. We need to give credit to those that made a difference
in his life.
The last thing I would like to say is that I really hope that I can
change the life of at least one person. If so, then my existence here on the
Earth is justified. I hope everyone can have the knowledge of "the power of


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I believe everyone can make a difference. We need to change our thinking from “I’m only one person, how can I do anything?” to “What can I do to make a change?” This is a problem in our generation and we need to fix our thinking. Everyone thinks that they are just one person and there is just seven billion other people out there who will do the work, when in fact it starts with us. Whether it is a speech, a movement, or a protest, one single person can make a change in their community. When someone stands up for what they believe in, a series of chain events can occur leading to many things.
People in the past took responsibility for solving problems. One example would be Dr. Martin L. King. King an African American who made a speech protesting equality. This speech had a great impact on society. Although, it was not only him who did something to solve this problem his speech lead to people being enlightened, allowing them to think about the racial problems. This lead to other events, which lead to the equality of all.
In the book A Tale of Two Cities one person made a significant difference, Dr. Manette. This man spent 18 years in the Bastille and after being let out he was considered a patriot. He made a significant difference in the life of Charles Darnay. He saved Darnay’s life twice. He never gave up on Darnay, and he used his statues to help him out as much as he possibly could. Dr. Manatte made a significant difference in the plot od the story.
As you go through history the people who made a difference in society all share in some of the same characteristics. Resilience is a major attribute these people have. They do not give up when something pushes them down, but uses that to make them better. They also have patience and persistence. Situations do not change overnight. Without persistence and patience many historical figures would not have made the difference that changed society for how we know it today.
As people fight to make a change there are...

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